Section, Batch Processing

It is often useful to setup one master section with all relevant layers and then copy this setup to other sections.

Rather than doing so on a section by section basis, it can be done in batch. And it is also possible to do several other practical things to a selection of sections.

From the top the options are:

  • The Select master section dropdown sets the master section that will be applied to the selection of sections.
  • The window below is used to setup the selection of sections. Use shift+click to select a range of sections, or ctrl+click to select individual sections. It is also possible to select a range of section while holding the mouse button down. Then right-click to check the selected sections.
  • Several different Actions can be done to the selected sections and they can be combined.
    • Delete all layers remove all layers from the selected section. This is often useful for cleaning up sections before doing some of the other actions.
    • Copy layers add all layers from the master section to the selected section.
    • Synchronize selection show and hide the layers on the sected section identical to the master section.
    • Synchronize size and axis works just like the synchronize option on sections. The extent of the master section and the axis setup of the master section is copied to the selected section.
    • Save section bitmaps save a bitmap (BMP) to a profileimages folder the workspace folder based on section extent and Print setup.
    • Save section PNGs similar to above just with PNG files. 
    • Delete selected sections and their profiles in the Workspace Explorer.
  • The Print setup is used in the creation of bitmaps and PNGs.
    • The simplest solution is to use Print using profile format. It will create images that are very close to the original sections.
    • If Print using profile format is not used, the Print width, Print height and Print resolution of the vector based graphics can be adjusted directly. If the aspect ratio between width and height is not preserved here, this can distort the labels to the point of making them unreadable.

Press OK to start the batch processing with the given settings.