Color Scale Selector

When opening the Color Scale Selector the user will be presented with a list of color scales. Aarhus Workbench include a number of predefined color scales in Aarhus Workbench color scale format (*.awc). Press the Standard button to go to that list of color scales. Press the Open folder button to browse for a folder with color scales.It will always open to the folder containing the selected color scale. Ones a folder has been specified the same folder can be accessed by using the User folder button. The Recent folder button open a list of recently used color scales.

Below the list, the user can se the path to the selected color scale file and a preview of the color scale.

In the past Aarhus Workbench used Golden Software Surfer color scales (*.lvl). If there is any such color scales in the folder, Aarhus Workbench will list them without a preview. These color scales cannot be used directly, but if selected, it will open the color scale converter. It will then ask for information about the tick marks distribution (linear vs log) and type (smooth vs discrete), since this information isn’t stored in the format for these color scales. The converted will then create a version of the color scale in Aarhus Workbench color scale format using the entered information and save that to avoid the need for future conversions. The old color scale will however remain in the folder.